Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BonaResponds International Service Day THIS SATURADY!

Open to all! Get involved.

BonaResponds International Service Day THIS SATURDAY!:
"BonaResponds International Service Day

The basic idea of the day is to go and make the world a better place. And then, spread the good that you did with others around the globe!

We all have talents to share. Too often we don't try to do something to help because we fear our little impact would be too small to matter. This is a day to show that we all matter and that if everyone does a little, much will get done."
and later:

here are some of the job sites. (We don't really know the entire list!)

* Atlanta GA- a crew from Haygood Methodist Church will be working on a Habitat Build for a family from Iraq
* Birmingham AL-will be working at a home for women just released from prison
* Buffalo NY-will have over 100 people working at 10 different sites in conjunction with VillaVolunteers and the SBU Alumni
* Cambodia: Sean (one of the original leaders of BonaResponds) will be working at an orphanage
* Chicago IL- a large group of volunteers led by BonaResponds-Chicago will be working at Grant Park
* Leogane Haiti- Andy (another of the original BonaResponds leaders) will be working on earthquake recovery
* Olean NY: Mary (another of the original BonaResponds leaders (and Jim's sister) will be working with the American Red Cross on disaster preparation
* New York City, NY- Bridget (another of the original BonaResponds leaders) and her family will be cooking for a local homeless shelter.
* San Diego CA- Sarah, Carrie, and others will be helping a retired Marine who has been living in his garage since wildfires swept the area in 2007.
* Los Angeles CA- Anna and over 100 of her closest friends will be helping with a large health fair, walk, and run.
* Philadelphia PA- Three teams will be working on painting, a lot clean up, and with children at a local pool.
* Greenville SC- Fr Pat will be working among the poor and often forgotten around his parish.
* Ethiopia- Sr. Rosie will have a crew of high school children working around her hospital
* Dallas TX- approximately 20 volunteers will be helping physically challenged children enjoy a day at a local horse ranch
* Machias NY-Pete and his CYC crew will be repairing picnic tables, painting, and cleaning a park
* Washington DC-The Zimmers and Anthony will be leading a group (largely of alumni) working at a food bank.
* Your hometown- you tell us!

Many more sites will be doing things! But you get the idea. And you can join the list too! It is not too late.
(See for more info on how to get involved, or just go do something on your own!)

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